Code of Conduct

Barra Energia wants to be recognized as a Brazilian company committed to technical excellence and best business practices. It is essential to comply with the rules established for conducting business and activities in a universe of constant exposure.

A set of rules capable of guiding, disciplining and strengthen personal and professional conduct of its employees to consolidate the company's credibility standard in the market. With this philosophy, Barra Energia consistently applies its Code of Conduct, which is part of its Governance Business Plan. In practice, the application of the concept on the company's day generates ethics, transparency and mutual respect with all stakeholders (employees, partners, investors, suppliers and customers).

Anti-corruption rules

Transparent practices are in the company's DNA, since their business should be regulated by managements that reliably report earned results, as well as guide the conduct of activities based on the principle of a system control. System which helps in early detection and correction of non-conformities control.

The Anti-Corruption Rule, also included in the Governance Business Plan of the company, aims to consolidate the standards of management profile in all areas where the company operates. Thus, we work for a strong and positive image of our businesses in an increasingly globalized market. Guided actions by responsibility ensure Barra Energia has the company seal of consciousness of their duties and commitments, as well as reliable and able to correct any non-conformities in search of profitability and seriously competitiveness. The standard is applied by an ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning), and functional reporting and external audits.


The concept of Compliance has become essential in the corporate world with regard to establishing companies policies and guidelines. Barra Energia resorts this understanding to allow the development of a simple management model and easily adjustable to operational requirements and the progressive growth of its business in a globally competitive market.

The Compliance concept, along with the Code of Conduct, Ethics, Mission and Values and Anti-Corruption Rules, supports the company's business policies and the guidelines with a view to ensuring a good governance. Comply with policies and guidelines established previously is an indispensable value to their business. Thus, Barra Energia applies the concept in an imperiously manner in order to keep employees and target audience aware of the activities and also to ensure everyone how to proceed in cases of misconduct, harmful practices and other.

Board of Directors

The main governance body of the company is the Board of Directors, composed from representatives of investors, management and an independent advisor, as well as being advised by the Audit and Remuneration Committees.

A Chief Compliance Officer and an Ombudsman are also part of its organizational structure, which are governed by a set of policies and procedures that are constantly updated to ensure that their managers, employees and service providers comply with the highest standards of transparency and ethical conduct in business.