Welcome to the Ombudsman channel of Barra Energia. This is your space to know and defend your rights, send suggestions, complaints or any other type of manifestation.


Procedures for reporting concerns:

Any employee, supplier or member of a community where we work who has a concern about the Company's conduct, or a complaint about the Company's accounting, internal control or auditing matters, may communicate that concern directly to the Ombudsman Secretary of Barra Energia. Such communications will be confidential and anonymous, and they should be made through the electronic form available on our website. Once received by our Ombudsman Secretary, the communication will be evaluated and answered as soon as possible.

The system allows to store the information sent in a secure and confidential manner and is essential for the proper direction of demands and other communications to the responsible organs, facilitating a satisfactory return of the submitted questions.

Click on the link below; access the Ombudsman’s System; inform your data and message. As soon as possible, we will contact you.

Before sending us your manifestation, please read these reminders:

- email: inform your email address correctly to receive the return.

- category: inform to which category belongs (employee, supplier or member of a community). These information are important to compose our activities report.

Barra Energias’ Code of Business Conduct prohibits any employee from retaliating or taking any adverse action against anyone for raising or helping to resolve an integrity concern.

Get in contact with the Ombudsman of BARRA ENERGIA.